Hi, I’m Diana Lestat, creator of the Master Elixir diet program, and welcome to finally taking charge of your life and your health! I understand your stuggles, like you, I’ve tried every “diet” under the sun, losing the same 20 pounds and gaining it back every time. Until now….


I grew up as the skinny kid, my mom and her side of the family were thin, but my dad’s side were all obese.
Morbidly obese, to be exact.

I just never thought about being fat or it happening to me; my kids are aware of their food and eating habits because of my struggles and I wish I had had their awareness growing up.

I just ate whatever, whenever. Grew up on fast food and TV dinners, being the latchkey kid I was. I did well in school and loved to read.
My parents divorced when I was two, I was repeatedly molested by a neighbor boy under my adult babysitter’s supervision, and with my own family I never felt wanted, just an inconvenience. Either ignored or yelled at. There was physical abuse as well in my childhood, and it did have an impact on my self-esteem.
Which didn’t matter when I was the skinny kid, but when you are fat, boy, everything hurts. I don’t think going into much detail here matters as much as the rest of my adult life, but I will say that childhood traumas can leave a scar and affect you your whole life. It’s knowing how to deal with it and knowing that you are a better person for surviving and thriving in spite of it.

When it comes to being fat and being skinny, I’ve been on both sides of the fence and I sure like the skinny side better! I didn’t realize till I was 202 pounds at 5 foot 1 how different people treat you. I was the same person inside, but strangers, friends and family alike, well, let’s just say that you really are treated and looked at differently.

And it’s not fun and not a good “different”.
“Fat” apparently means you are lazy, stupid, unmotivated, ugly, not worth love, invisible.
But when I was skinny, oh boy, strangers would open doors, salesmen would run to help me make a choice (not ignore me like when I was 202 pounds), people looked and treated me like I am the intelligent, ambitious woman that I’ve always been.

Quite the eye-opener. I truly hurt for those who grew up as the fat kid, I can’t even imagine handling that without the adult emotional capability to deal with it.
Anyways, went to college, got married, had 4 beautiful children, and that’s when the weight issues started.
I just never had to watch what I ate or suffer the consequences, but now, the pounds crept on and stayed on. For twenty years.
I exercised as much as I could, but hurt because of neck, knee, and back pain plus fibromyalgia. It made me dread any type of exercise because I hurt more afterward and it didn’t seem worth the pain.

So I counted calories, tried eating right, but nothing seemed to work. No pounds would budge.
Meanwhile, my grandpa on my father’s side died after having a triple bypass, morbidly obese.
After my divorce, I slimmed down some but I think that was due to stress and not eating much. Dating proved a challenge and the awkward weirdness and rejections were just no fun and not worth the trouble anymore, so I turned to food to comfort me again.

At this time my dad had a gastric bypass to hopefully solve his morbid obesity. (Everything he tried didn’t work either, and because of weight, it hurts to exercise-WHY DON’T FITNESS GURUS REALIZE THIS?! IT HURTS OVERWEIGHT PEOPLE TO EXERCISE SO FIGURE OUT A PROGRAM TO EXERCISE WITHOUT HURTING JOINTS! (which is why I choose to lift weights over cardio). I swear I will make a workout video or workbook with photos showing exercises that don’t hurt joints and with being overweight. How can a fat person do crunches when they have a huge beer belly? How is that helpful? I’d like to know!

202 pounds.
That’s what I weighed when I attended my dad’s funeral in 2012.
Five years after having the gastric bypass, him losing some weight, then not being able to keep anything down except ice cream, pudding, slim-fasts, etc, and so regained his weight and back to being morbidly obese. Complications from the bypass caused scar tissue in his intestines and blockage so he went in for surgery, went into a coma, and died a week later. High blood pressure, which I then inherited, was the final complication in all that.

I applied for disability. 3 times. For being morbidly obese myself and not being able to go up a few steps without having to stop, out of breath. All I wanted to do was sit or sleep or lay down, but the more I sat, the more I realized that this is going to ensure that I will end up in an electric wheelchair, every where I go. I’ve seen it. I worked in nursing homes and it seemed once someone stops being active, stops moving, that’s the end of their physical mobility.

I was rejected by disability because I wasn’t at that level yet, and my hands worked but physical proof of neck fusion, bulging disc in my back, my hips had spurs, and my fibromyalgia apparently wasn’t enough to prove I was in physical pain. They didn’t understand how much pain I was in, and still am, to some degree.
So, I went into radically desperate mode, trying to find SOME way that works to lose weight apart from exercising like a crazy person (because of the pain).
My kids needed me and I needed them and didn’t want them to suffer with me dying early from obesity related complications.

I tried high protein, low carb; then low protein, high carb. Nothing doing.
Then, the milk diet-yes, drinking raw whole milk. I GAINED WEIGHT on that! (Hmmm, consuming gallons of fat….I wonder why!)
The lemonade diet. I did lose 21 pounds in 3 weeks on that, but the minute I ate food again, it all came back.
I ate only steamed veggies for a month and lost a total of 2 POUNDS! What the heck! Isn’t that “eating right/healthy?”
Seriously, my metabolism was non-existent. Or hormones were out of whack.

I even did the water diet. For 44 days. Lost 22 pounds, of which I am sure was just salt and water loss. And of which I went to my Dr. in tears and desperation, crying and telling her how I don’t want to die like my grandpa and dad and am TRYING and the weight JUST WON’T COME OFF. And her reprimanding me sternly about the water diet (drinking water ONLY can affect your electrolytes and she said my heart could have stopped at any time!) There’s good advice and bad advice on the internet but I was so desperate….

She checked my thyroid and hormones, lots of bloodwork; nothing out of whack.
She gave me a pamphlet on the Wheat Belly Diet, but that did nothing either.
I was frustrated and practically ready to give up the fight and buy myself a coffin bed because everything I was reading and researching and doing wasn’t working.
Nothing traditional, that is. Not without exercising like a madman and I couldn’t. Not with all my pain and the weight of 202 pounds on my knees/hip/back.
I tried calorie counting again, after all, that seems to be the general advice, calories in, calories out, don’t go below 1200 so you don’t go into “starvation mode and hoard calories” and you should be fine.

I tried those meal replacement shakes in a can, but with my now-pretty regular Irritable Bowel Syndrome situation and tests at my Dr. shows no reason why, I found those shakes to aggravate the issue. My grandma had lactose intolerance, maybe I have it too?
Except by this time, I couldn’t pinpoint just that; every food would trigger my IBS.
Sometimes chicken would trigger it, but sometimes it wouldn’t (was it the sauce?), sometimes I could have orange juice and other times I was running to the bathroom, more like sprinting!

So now, I didn’t know what to do and how to do it and tried Paleo eating since that seemed most wholesome and at least not processed.
It helped my IBS but unless I could exercise more, I wasn’t losing weight. I cut my calories down at times, other times I would just have 3 steaks a day.
Still 202 pounds.
It’s like it’s my setpoint weight, no matter what I do, that’s where I end up again.
My Dr. said I am morbidly obese. More tests in 2015 revealed not only my high blood pressure to be out of control but now I officially have Type 2 diabetes. As if it’s not hard enough for me to lose weight, now I have an insulin resistant situation that keeps my body storing fat. Great. Which because I am overweight is why I have diabetes and diabetes/insulin resistance keeps me from losing weight and it’s this vicious cycle.
Fantastic. What. The. Heck.

Around this time my son, who is a web designer among many other technical things he does, did a website for a plastic surgeon who also specialized in Botox injections and mesotherapy.
Mesotherapy? What is that?
Well, Mesotherapy (from Greek mesos, “middle”, and therapy from Greek therapeia, “to treat medically”) is a non-surgical cosmetic medicine treatment.
Mesotherapy employs multiple injections of pharmaceutical and homeopathic medications, plant extracts, vitamins, and other ingredients into subcutaneous fat.
In other words, this Dr. was injecting vitamins and plant extracts into the face tissue to melt fat and lose that double chin.
Intrigued, I studied it a bit more, since I have always had a knack for herbal remedies and such and it seemed to hit me smack in the face.
Of course! If you have SUPER NUTRITION in your body, it will help everything to work right again. Your hormones will balance, your metabolism will kick in, you will burn fat and not store excess fat, and it seemed like if you could consume in nutrients more than what you could eat in a day, your body would have no choice but to work right again! DID I JUST DISCOVER THE ROOT CAUSE AND CURE FOR OBESITY?

I set out to find meal replacement shakes or superfood powder and to make sure that it is with all organic, REAL FOOD, and no milk, soy, gluten or sugar. I found there are very few on the health food store shelves and set my mind to creating my own formula; powering up my body with what would equal over half a dozen servings of greens and veggies, my daily requirement of protein from plant, not meat, sources (meats, if not organic, have hormones and stuff that can mess with YOUR hormones too!), my daily requirements of all the vitamins and minerals and fiber, plus Omega 3’s, probiotics, and antioxidants. In the meantime, I bought one that mostly the bill, till I could make my own. It was a nutritional supplement powder, not created as a meal replacement, but I was going to do an experiment on myself and see if I used this super nutritional powder as my meal replacement and that only, no food other than the real powdered super foods in it, what would happen. And only 2 scoops a day so I’d be under 400 calories.

Low calorie, yes, I know what you are saying, but really, if someone has a donut and a sugar filled cup of coffee, versus someone having the same amount of calories with fruit and veggies and protein, which will the body respond to best? Is it about calories at this point? Both people consumed say 500 calories; but who will thrive and who will be sick on their “diet” of 500 calories? See what I mean?
I was fascinated by the low calorie movement people but again, just having a piece of broccoli and a carrot a day seemed lacking in getting ENOUGH nutrients so I stuck with my shake powder, mixed with water only.
This one in particular was sweetened with stevia so I wouldn’t have diabetic issues, plus no milk and wow, I can’t tell you how great I felt-no IBS issues, energy, and just feeling like I am glowing, from the very first day!
And the weight started coming off, without exercising!
I was right; I was on to something!

It really was working! In less than a month I lost 17 pounds! My clothes were looser so it wasn’t just water weight.
I was 183 when I went to my Dr. in March of 2016.
Then, in May 2016, my uncle called to say he was dying. Multiple organ failure, I’m sure, caused by his morbid obesity. In less than a month, he was gone. At least we got to visit him once in the hospital, took us 5 hours to get there because of San Diego traffic, but I was glad to at least have visited and said our goodbyes. He was all yellow and jaundiced but we had a nice time. Well, nice in that we love him so much and hate what is happening and don’t want to say goodbye. What do you say to someone who is dying without crying all over them? He was leaving his wife and college age daughter behind and he was in his 60’s, like his brother (my dad) and his dad (my grandpa).

That’s just too young. And not fair. And seemed preventable, if only something worked. He tried all the diets out there too. Nope. Nothing worked.
My kids, cried for him, but also for me, they could see the end of my path if I didn’t continue to fight for myself and for them. I pressed on.
Had binging moments and weeks of eating and then back to my shakes only. Oh, well, I did, even when eating/binging, would have my shake for breakfast, as a source of nutrition and help to keep things still steady, but yea, didn’t lose when eating, did once I was on shakes only, but it takes a couple days to get it going again.
Lost more. Down to 170. Binged. Back to shakes.
Down to 160.

Then 150. Really?! I LOST 50 POUNDS BY THE END OF SUMMER 2016?
It was touch and go through the summer as there are always events and concerts and food festivities but by the end I was 50 POUNDS GONE!
Again, I am having the shakes with water only, not with milk, or soymilk or even almond milk, and it is healing me, not just helping me lose weight. I’m sure as well that when I am at a healthy weight, I won’t keep losing; this weight loss is a matter of feeding my body healthy organic food in powder form for maximum nutrition, and weight loss of toxic fat is just a natural result.

Seems it’s helping my insulin resistance to finally let go of the fat-and my Dr. just took me off Metformin for my diabetes! (only 2% of those who go on Metformin ever get off Metformin). And reduced my blood pressure medication. Woo hoo!
I’m just so happy that at 46, I can stop the vicious cycle of morbid obesity that has wracked my family and get my own life back, for me and for my kids. I want to see them grow up, have a family of their own, and live a long life myself!
And not cause them the pain and suffering of health issues and taking care of me.

4th of July, 2017 – 120 pounds and going strong! Almost there!

Update: November 30th, 2017 I reached my goal weight of 102 lbs!



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